Sipho and Phillipa

sipho-phillipaSipho is the isiXhosa word for ‘gift’, and he is genuinely is a gift from the Lord. He is a Xhosa from the Pondo tribe. Sipho was raised in a remote Pondo village in the north, called Ngqeleni, where he met Phillipa in high school. They both claim it was ‘love at first sight’, but based on their solid Christian values, they waited two years before they expressed their feeling for each other. After high school Sipho went off to work at the white owned factories for a couple of years, in order to earn enough money to pay labola (the traditional dowry) to Phillipa’s family. Once they receive traditional approval from their respective families, they soon got married. They have been married for 15 years.

After their first two children (they now have four children), they both felt a strong call to the ministry and together went to Bible College full time. After graduating from our Bible College, the Lord used them to plant several Xhosa churches in the Transkei. Since 2004 they have been closely affiliated with our Bible College and our church planting ministries.

In 2014, they have begun to serve as the directors of the Gatyana Bible College, while at the same time continuing to plant churches in the unreached Xhosa villages. We are honored to have Sipho and Phillipa joining in the team to equip and disciple Xhosa leaders in the Transkei.