After several years of only doing evangelistic work among the Xhosa, the Koskys realized that they weren’t adequately discipling new believers in Jesus. Many people were finding salvation, but they weren’t being grounded in the Word of God. Jesus, however, commanded his followers to make “disciples,” not “converts.”

As a result, the Koskys expanded the scope of their ministry to include discipling the newly planted Xhosa churches. They remained longer with the new village churches to disciple the new believers. The mission also sent leaders to these remote locations to nurture the new Christians and help them to grow in their new life in Christ. But the demand for discipleship continued to grow.

As revival was beginning to spread across the Transkei, the mission wasn’t able to disciple all the new believers. One young leader suggested that the mission start a Bible college to train leaders to disciple the new villages. As a result, Gatyana Bible College was established in 1999 to train Xhosa leaders in the Word of God. The mission has since been developing other means to disciple isolated Christians in the primitive regions of the Transkei.