Meet The Need


The greatest need of the mission is prayer. Often Christian underestimates the power in prayer. In Africa, prayer is often a matter between  life and death. We could have all the resources of this world, but without prayer we could not go on.


Africa is very fertile harvest field. The Xhosa people are anxious to receive the Good News. There are tens of thousands of villages yet to be reached. But over the last two decades we have barely scratched the service on reaching the amaXhosa of the Transkei. But we don’t have the laborers to adequately reach the unreached. We have many national Xhosa leaders helping with the work. But we have no missionaries working with us. We are desperately in need of long-term missionaries, who are willing to give their lives to reaching the amaXhosa for Him.


Kelly and Kathy are some of the longest serving missionaries in South Africa. The ministry has grown to be one of the largest missions to the Xhosa people. The mission has been referred to as a ‘big fish in a small pond’. But in our focus to reach as many as possible here in Africa, we have  neglected to establish quality relationships with the ‘greater Body of Christ’. Kelly and his leaders feel like the mission needs to build relationships with like minded ministries that have a sincere desire to further the Kingdom of God (not an individual ministry) among the lost.


Unlike most missions, we chosen to pray for His provision, rather than to market the ministries. Accordingly, we do not solicit funds, but rather pray for the Lord to provide us with the resources that are needed. In all honesty we do struggle financially, but we know that the Lord will work through our His body to meet our needs.