Meet The Need


The greatest need of the mission is prayer. Often, Christians underestimate the power of prayer. In Africa, prayer is often what stands between life and death. The mission could have all the resources of this world, but without prayer, the Koskys would not be able to go on.


The Koskys have spent over half their lives reaching the Xhosa with the Gospel. They have established a beachhead, hoping that God will send His army to help further His Kingdom. But as yet, no one has come to join them in the quest to reach the “hidden-half.”

Despite the thousands who have now heard the Gospel through Kelly and Kathy’s ministry, the mission has barely scratched the surface of reaching the Xhosa of the Transkei. There are still tens of thousands of unreached villages.

Although there are many national Xhosa leaders helping with the work, the mission is in desperate need of long-term missionaries who are willing to give their lives to reaching the Xhosa with the Gospel. We continue to pray that the Lord will send laborers into His harvest field.


Kelly and Kathy are some of the longest-serving missionaries in southern Africa. The ministry has grown to be one of the largest missions to the Xhosa people. In their efforts to reach as many as possible here in Africa, the Koskys and the leaders of the mission have come to realize that there is a great need for the mission to build quality relationships with like-minded ministries/churches in the US and throughout the world.


Rather than overtly asking for money, as many ministries do, the Koskys have chosen to simply pray for God’s provision. Even though the mission does not publicly share its needs, the Koskys do struggle financially. But they trust that the Lord will work through His Body to provide the resources needed for His mission in Africa.