Agriculture Development

Reaching the Lost

Most of the Transkei, which is roughly 11 million acres, is communal tribal land with incredible potential to feed not only itself but also the surrounding regions. Although the people have a desire to tap the agricultural potential, there is a general lack of understanding about how to do this. Traditionally, the white commercial farmers of South Africa have been the main food producers. The people of the Transkei have been trying to farm the land, but with little training and few farming implements, they have had poor results. During the apartheid era, the white South African farmers intentionally made it difficult for them to develop any sustainable agriculture development.

We realized that two changes were necessary. First, the indigenous Xhosa people needed to understand that they are capable of being a major food producer in the region. Second, comprehensive agricultural training is needed to teach them how to get the land to yield as much as possible. With confidence, appropriate training, patience, and a lot of hard work, the people will see big rewards.

The mission is strategically placed within the community, and it has a unique understanding of the challenges faced in the Transkei. Small successes have been realized through community gardens. But there is a lack of resources to expand this project so that it can have maximum impact.