Church Planting

Transkei Church

The Koskys were called to the Republic of Transkei to evangelize a lost nation, the Xhosa tribe. Through the spreading of the Gospel, tens of thousands of villagers have been saved. Discipleship of the new believers has also been a priority in outreach efforts in order to give them strong a foundation and help them mature in their faith.

The Koskys came to Africa not to simply plant churches but to see lives changed through Jesus Christ. As they persevered with the Gospel, tribal villages soon turned in to Christian villages. The new Christians began to gather regularly to pray, worship, and read the Bible. And quickly, these impromptu gatherings were recognized as Christian churches.

Kelly and Kathy do not see themselves as church planters, but rather as deliverers of the Good News. As a result of their evangelism and discipleship work, the Lord has been using the mission in Transkei to establish hundreds of churches among the Xhosa.