Chuma and Andiswa

Chuma is from the neighboring mountain Kingdom of Lesoto. Even though he is a Xhosa, he grew up speaking Basotho and isiXhosa. His grandfather was well known for having translated Shakespeare to Basotho. His father was an international professor and lecturer at several universities. His mother was the director of the Department of Education. But due to the prevailing apartheid government, she was forced into exile where she furthered her studies. Accordingly, Chuma grew up in a very educated family, where he was given the opportunity to obtain a high level of education. While obtaining his degree at a college in the Republic of Transkei, the Lord reviled Himself to Chuma and called him to His ministry.

Andiswa was of the Pondo tribe in Lusukisuki, in the northern Transkei. As a young girl she had heard about our Bible college and eventually enrolled in our full-time program. She had an unquenchable desire to know more of the Word of God and know Him more. While at our Bible college she was drawn to Chuma, who shared in her love for God and the desire to minister His Word. As they continued to pray, minister, and study together, they knew that God was calling them to join together in ministry and marriage.

After church planting in the south of the Republic of Ciskei for a couple of years. They returned to our mission to work with the outreach-teams in focusing on evangelism and church planting. Eventually Chuma was promoted to be the Director of Outreach, while Andiswa’s time is divided between outreach ministry and caring for their two children.

They are focusing their outreach efforts to the unreached amaXhosa locations and the unchurched villages. Chuma is taking the Light into remote villages in darkness. He continues to develop outreach teams that not only evangelize but also following up with discipling the new converts and churches. The mission is very blessed to have ministers like Chuma and Andiswa as examples for others to follow.