Ministry Accountability

Each of our individual ministries is currently autonomous from the others, and each ministry has its own governing board.

Transkei Victory Christian Ministries (TVCM) is registered with the South African government as a nonprofit trust. In accordance with regulations, it is governed by a minimum of five directors. The directors change on a regular basis. The majority of the board of trustees are local Xhosa leaders. Sometimes, an expatriate (from the United States) may also sit on the board to give objective input. Pastor James Schorr is a long-standing advisor to the board, and he tries to visit the mission annually to assess how the ministry is doing. TVCM is accountable to this governing board of directors.

African New Life Ministries (ANLM) is a legal entity that is registered by the South African government as a nonprofit trust, and it is governed by a board of directors. Kelly is the only non-Xhosa on the Board. In addition to being governed by the board, ANLM also complies with all government regulations and requirements.

Gatyana Bible College (GBC) is a nonprofit legal entity that is governed by a board of trustees. The board consists exclusively of Xhosa Christian Bible scholars and theologians. Because GBC has a conviction that it is unbiblical to charge anyone to hear and/or study the Word of God. As such, GBC offers free tuition to anyone who wishes to pursue biblical studies. Consequently, GBC does not fall under the authority of SAQA.

Grace Children’s Shelter is a registered nongovernmental organization (NGO), and it is governed by a board of directors. Soon after the opening of the Shelter, Kelly Kosky transferred all authority to the local leaders, who now govern this ministry. Even though Kelly is its founder and serves to strengthen its ministry, he is not currently in a role of authority.

Southern Cross Ministries (SCM) is a registered nonprofit organization in both South Africa and the United States. It was founded by Kelly Kosky and Allen Kech. SCM is accountable to its all-African board of directors.

African Christian Ministries (ACM) is registered as a Section 21 corporation under the regulations of South Africa. It is governed by a minimum of seven nonrelated members who have full authority over ACM. The ministry is also a registered nonprofit organization, and it maintains compliance with the South African Revenue Service.

Financial Accountability

Kelly Kosky and the ministries that are under his supervision are all accountable to World Outreach Ministries (WOM), which is based in Marietta, Georgia. It is recognized as a nonprofit organization under the Internal Revenue Service regulation 501(c)(3). WOM continually reviews the appropriations of funds to ensure that the funds are disbursed appropriately within the structure of the ministry. WOM maintains a high standard of financial accountability. It has the authority to address any financial problems directly and take appropriate measures, if necessary.

Personal Accountability

Kelly and Kathy Kosky have voluntarily submitted themselves to leaders to whom they remain fully accountable. Most of the leaders who give the Koskys oversight have been mentoring them for many years. Based on a long-standing relationship, they have been given the right to speak directly into Kelly and Kathy’s life and ministry. In addition to encouragement, they provide guidance when necessary.

In addition to this accountability, Kelly remains submitted to Pastor James Schorr in California, who has been in relationship with the Koskys for over 35 years. Pastor Jim has the authority to speak honestly and openly with both Kelly and Kathy, should the need arise. He visits Africa on an annual basis to monitor and assess the health of both the ministries and the Koskys.

References are available on request.